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I’m an accomplished freelance writer and editor in the Philadelphia area. I write most often about healthcare — and how it intersects with business, technology, and the lives of providers. I also write frequently about parenting and my home state of New Jersey. My work has been published in consumer, custom, and trade outlets, including The Washington Post, Penn Medicine MagazineThe Guardian, the AARP BulletinNew Jersey Family, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.


I’m also a college journalism instructor, teaching on-site and online for Villanova University since 2010. My courses include Journalism Practices and Feature Writing.


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  • CuringCamden_cvr_webAs the federal health reform debate played out in the national media spotlight, I was reporting on the American medical system from the street level. From 2010 to 2012, I wrote a half-dozen stories for the Philadelphia Inquirer that focused on an innovative healthcare nonprofit: the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers. These stories centered on the nonprofit’s role in combating falls, violence, diabetes, and other issues in Camden, New Jersey, a city known nationally as one of the country’s poorest and most violent, but that is now making a name for itself as an innovation leader in the public health sector.
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  • In Curing Camden, all of my articles have been collected into a single book, including the unpublished installment profiling the nonprofit’s founder. This book takes readers from the living rooms of Camden residents to the halls of the New Jersey State House in Trenton and beyond. I highlight how Camden could be the first US city to bend the cost curve by lowering healthcare costs while improving care. The ideas revealed in this book could be translated into practice across the country, and Camden could become a national model of 21st century medicine and public health.
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  • Much of the reporting I conducted was funded by journalism grants, from stories on diabetes and violence, to a revelatory report on falls, the number-one cause of injury-related hospital visits in Camden and in many hospitals across the country. Whether readers are curious about the intricacies and implications of President Barack Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act law, or simply attempting to understand the jungle that is the US healthcare industry, Curing Camden reveals an inspiring case-study of lowered costs, improved care, and a potential systemic fix to what often seems to be our country’s most intractable problems.
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  • *Listen to my radio interview with the Philadelphia Agenda about Curing Camden.
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  • Curing Camden is available in Kindle, Nook, and ePub versions.


  • “Christina is a professional from head to toe. She goes above and beyond, executes precisely on any editorial/content strategy, and makes sure her copy is relevant and clean.” – Chris Seper, vice president of healthcare, Breaking Media
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  • “Christina goes into an assignment prepared and professional and comes out of it with no-nonsense pieces that are engaging and on time. A real asset.” – Andrew Nusca, senior editor, Fortune (formerly CBS Interactive)
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  • “Christina has been a valuable freelance writer on a wide range of topics for the AARP Bulletin. Her work is always well-reported, thoughtfully written and on time. She adapts well to the changing circumstances of an assignment and is easy to work with.” – Frank Davies, features editor, AARP state news
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  • “Christina is a reliable freelancer who writes thoroughly researched, concise and informative stories on any topic we throw her way. We can always count on her to turn around assignments on time and in great shape.” – Megan Sullivan, managing editor, McNeill Group (Lodging)
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  • “In the time I have worked with Christina, she has been an extremely reliable writer. She was able to take complex subjects and simplify them in a palatable way for readers. Christina also takes direction very well. In cases where I did have follow-up questions, she was able to get the exact information that I wanted in a very timely manner.” – Tara Remiasz, former editor, Imagination Publishing
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  • “I’m always happy to work with Christina, who is thorough, meticulous and reliable. Her reporting is solid and her stories are clearly ordered and well-written. She pays attention to feedback and is persistent in getting follow-up information. She also has a great attitude.” – Kathy Drouin-Keith, former editor, Newsday


I’m available for freelance writing and editing projects, as well as teaching opportunities. Let me know how I can help and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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